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A cloud service that integrates nursing care and medical IoT sensors

AttentiveConnect is Macnica's cloud service that integrates the use of IoT sensors for advanced medical and nursing care. This cloud based platform allows users to manage patient records and access other vital data that has been collected by your preferred IoT sensors. You can easily manage patient or resident records in hospitals or nursing homes, as well as set thresholds for each parameter to be measured. We also offer APIs to integrate operating systems, reporting systems, robots, or other systems of your preference.

AttentiveConnect is multilingual and the UI can be switched to the native language of individual users. Currently, it supports Japanese, English, Chinese, and Hebrew. Other languages can be added in a few days each.


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We deliver IoT sensors developed by the world's leading technology partners

EarlySense's noomi is a contact-free monitoring sensor developed to enhance elder care. It can be used simply by installing a thin sensor under the mattress—there is no discomfort even while laying down and it will not inhibit the user in any way.

ContinUse's Gili is a completely contact-free type vital sensor that uses infrared rays to measure the user's heartbeat, respiration, HRV, and blood pressure.

A radar system based on IC developed by Vayyar that captures human movement in real time. Get up, move, fall, move, move path, posture instantly.

About Us

Our IoT solutions help resolve the challenges facing nursing and medical care institutions

Nursing Care

In group homes for elderly people, nursing homes and home care, IoT sensors monitor residents' vitals such as heart beat, respiration, body movements on the bed and also issue alerts for fall and pressure ulcer preventions and enhance the convenience of users, and greatly improve the quality of service at the care sites.

Medical Services

Using a compact wearable device that monitors vital data of more than 10 items such as blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, respiration, body temperature and more, 24/7, to realize a shift in hospital, home care and chronic disease care.

Together with AI and mobility technologies, Macnica considers healthcare as one of its new core businesses. We have established relationships with domestic and international technology partners to collaborate in solving challenges arising in today's aging societies. Founded in 1972, Macnica has significantly contributed to the implementation and growth of IoT, as a global distributor and technical support partner of semiconductor and networking products for suppliers.

For healthcare solutions, we are acting not only as a distributor for suppliers' products but to accelerate IoT expansion into the medical/nursing care, we also provide our own original cloud based platform, while continuing to import advanced sensors from the world's cutting edge technology companies. AttentiveConnect has a user friendly UI that makes it easy for users who are not familiar with IoT devices to install and start use from the first day of implementation. For customers who provide their own system to care facilities or medical institutions, we provide APIs to access our services seamlessly.

Our aim is to provide services and devices that contribute to the success of those addressing the challenges in the nursing and medical care industries, to improve the quality of daily care of residents and patients.