Bed Sensor

noomi device and sensor

EarlySense's noomi is a contact-free monitoring sensor developed to enhance elder care.

It can be used simply by installing a thin sensor under the mattress—there is no discomfort even while laying down and it will not inhibit the user in any way.

noomi utilizes piezoelectric technology to detect heart rate, breathing, sleep quality, body movements, and can alert families and caregivers when a potentially abnormal situation occurs.

We expect the caregiver's burden will be reduced at night by not only alerting of vital anomalies but also detecting the leaving of bed. Our system can also send an alert if the user hasn't returned to bed for a certain amount of time after getting up.

The bed exit detection function can be set in 6 levels. By setting the detection level that suits the user's condition, it is possible for caregiver to assist the user before he completely leaves the bed, which helps prevent falls.

EarlySense Proprietary Technologies

Basic algorithm

  • Heart rate, breathing, motion detection function of the body 
  • Detection of being in bed
  • Notification if time to do posture change based on preconfigured times for preventing bedsores

Additional features

  • Stress detection
  • Sleep analysis (sleep efficiency, sleep time, wake time, time to sleep)
  • Heartbeat alert beyond thresholds set for each resident.
  • Respiratory alert beyond thresholds set for each resident
  • Waveform analysis of respiration and heartbeat

  • Heart rate, breathing, stress, sleep, body movement
Real-time Alert
  • If your heart rate or breathing exceeds the set value
  • When going out of bed, when going out of bed for a fixed time or more
Easy-to-understand Sleep Analysis
  • Report sleep score, sleep stage (shallow, deep, rem etc) analysis results. Alarm Alarm Optimization
HIPPA Compliant
  • We manage personal information in compliance with the US Information Security Law for Medical Insurance

Noomi's vital sensing technology is based on an algorithm developed for EarlySense's FDA approved medical device. Noomi itself is a care product and there is no plan to apply for medical device certification.