Contact-free Monitoring

ContinUse's Gili device

ContinUse's Gili is a completely contact-free type vital sensor that uses infrared rays to measure the user's heartbeat, respiration, HRV, and blood pressure.

It's very simple to use, just irradiate an infrared pointer on the user's left chest to start the measurement. It can be measured even on clothes, and its high accuracy has been proven by medical institutions in Israel.

Gili can hear heart sounds remotely as well as vital values. We plan to support lung sounds in the future, and are expected to be used as a solution for remote medical care and infectious disease control.

Non-contact sensing

Monitor physiological information safely, comfortably and more easily.

Demonstration at medical institutions

The nano-level changes captured on the body surface are converted into physiological parameters with medical-level accuracy.

Automatically measure the target

It can be measured in a very short time, and can be applied to more subjects. It is not necessary to sterilize each measurement.

High accuracy even when the environment changes

It is compatible with a variety of lighting environments and is not affected by clothing type, skin color or sweating.