Fall Detection

Walabot HOME device

Vayyar's Walabot is a wall-mounted surveillance sensor that detects falls of elderly people. The coverage range is 5 to 6 meters. Keeping privacy in consideration, it captures the movement, posture (standing, sitting, sleeping, etc.) and position of the person with radar instead of camera.

The device has a microphone and speakers. After a fall detection alert is sent, the care giver is notified and can confirm with the resident whether any action is necessary.

Currently, Vayyar is developing Walabot for nursing homes.


Automatically catch falls
  • Walabot HOME will continue to monitor rooms.
  • Once installation is complete, no additional work is required.
There is no need to wear anything
  • If you live as usual, you can detect falls.
  • There is no stress because you don't wear anything.
Resident can always call for help
  • In the event of an emergency, you can call for help by touching the screen.
  • If you can not move, you can start a call by going to bed.
Four times the accuracy of other companies
  • Compared to similar fall detection devices, it is about 4 times more accurate.
Protect your privacy
  • Walabot HOME does not shoot video with a camera.
  • In order to capture the movement of people by radio waves, it does not infringe the privacy of users.
Easy installation
  • After setting Walabot HOME on the wall, connect to wifi and set up emergency contact.
  • Only with this, it becomes possible to watch the user.